200GANA-1779 マジ軟派、初撮。 1114 あすか 22歳 ウエディングプランナー


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Published on August 4, 2018 by JAV Open

200GANA-1779 マジ軟派、初撮。 1114 あすか 22歳 ウエディングプランナー

Cast: Asuka 22 years old wedding planner
Maker: Nampa TV
Duration: 65 min
Product number: 200GANA-1779
Delivery start date: 2018/07/04
series: Magi Friendly, First Shot.
Genre: Exclusive amateur high-definition (HD) Nampa Big Ma Tit mouth fire
corresponding device: Windows / Mac, iPhone / Android

Product introduction
It was at the rainy season but I have been to Nanpa! It is Shinagawa Station! I usually search girls around the station, this is because of the weather …. Let’s look for it in the station! Carefully staff __- got me the entry ticket of the bullet train home! Well, securing a girl who got off the bullet train! Your name is “Asuka”! I work as a wedding planner. It was as if I returned home to Nagoya, where I returned home. When asking for the presence of a boyfriend, he said, “It was until this morning …”. It may have stepped on a mine. He, no, ex-girlfriend is the same high school classmate. I have been a long distance relationship since Asuka went to Tokyo for work but I have been dating until 22 years old. Moreover, only one of them was able to do so far. He told me that he got back to Tokyo this morning when he was shaken locally this morning. What a disgusting story …! I am still young! I work for making people happy! It can not be helped even if looking downwards! I will give you an unknown experience to Asuka who is never even fickle! If you do, people will become healthy! Musty body and big boobs with a good feeling! And a huge reaction! It is irresistible! !

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