259LUXU-839 ラグジュTV 835


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Published on July 5, 2018 by JAV Open

259LUXU-839 ラグジュTV 835

Cast: Yuuki Ohashi 菜 31 year old cooking classroom lecturer
Maker: Luxury TV
Duration: 74 min
Product number: 259 LUXU – 839
Delivery start date: 2017/11/08
Product Release Date: DVD not released yet
series: Luxury TV
Genre: Legs Sister Amateur Beautiful Butt Facial Cumshot Exclusive Distribution Hi-Vision (HD) Beautiful Breasts
corresponding device: Windows / Mac, iPhone / Android

Product introduction
Yuuki Ohashi who will be appearing for the second time. Since the last time SEX was good, I once again applied for myself again. It seems to have been fun to have experienced various positions in the last time, it seems that Ken Kana has a great appeal to get a new pleasure in shooting. Yuzuki who wants to do something never done before this time and wants to experience new things. “As I was looking forward to it, today I have improved (sexual desire)”, and I feel good about shooting. Such a girlfriend, enjoying using a vibe and an electric bulletin this time. Mr. Yuka who drowns in the stimulus to clitoris and drowns in the pleasure for the first time shaking the beautiful breasts with elasticity. Finally, when I licked the meat stick beautifully with that lips, I breathed a rough breath by largely moving my chest up and down. Yuzuki-san, please come whenever you feel drowsy with pleasure. We are waiting for you at any time.

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