300MIUM-097 100%完全ガチ!噂の素人激カワ看板娘にアポなし取材⇒AV交渉! target.25


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Published on October 24, 2017 by JAV Open

300MIUM-097 100%完全ガチ!噂の素人激カワ看板娘にアポなし取材⇒AV交渉! target.25


Cast: Kanon-chan 18-year-old cafe clerk
Maker: Prestige Premium (PRESTIGE PREMIUM)
Duration: 69 min
Product number: 300MIUM-097
Delivery start date: 2017-08-20
series: 100% perfect gachi negotiations!
Label: prestigepremium
Genre: HD ( exclusive distribution delivery exclusive amateur planning profession various slender hand manual man 3P · 4P facial cum shot
Supported devices: Windows / Mac, iPhone / Android

Product introduction
★ Theme: “Can you play AV? “Negotiate assault charge without appointment to the signboard girl of rumors in town! ! ☆ rumor signboard girl ⇒ “Kanon chan” who works at Oshare Cafe in Yutenji (18-year-old). ① The interview team who caught the information that there is a rumor sign boarder in the fashionable cafe in Yutenji is assaulted into the shop under operation! ! Sneak into the busy shop and negotiate a shop interview with the manager for an interview with a sign boarder! ! ② A few days after the negotiation, we started interviewing the signboard girl at another studio (※ Love Ho)! Small face that is a beautiful condition for light brown’s short hair. The thin legs extending from the hot pants are also refreshing, exactly what looks like is an idolweight! This is Kanon who is this signboard girl! ③ She said she recently had sex before about a month. But the ideal is that if the interviewer Ikemen hugs from behind to the girlfriend who responds to embarrassment that “I’d like to get it in about 2 weeks!” ♪ a considerable sexual love ♪ was found ___ ___ ___ 0 , I can see that my face is also red and doggie ♪ ④ Canon who turned out naturally my uniform clothes shirt and became a pink bra! I was forcibly robbed of my lips and I could not hide my puzzle, gradually entwined my tongue with my deep kiss for the first time and I enjoyed kissing w 5 here another one handsome kikin! She was listening to being an ordinary interview. What is kind of what she is saying. W Bra and shorts are stripped off as well as it is naked, and the slender body is exposed to the front of the camera on the bed! Beautiful breasts that seems to be sensitive while small, waist with slender body and tight waist, and legs beautiful from the buttocks to the legs are also attractive! Furthermore, the salmon pink ashiko shining with love juice by two teen girls is proof that she entered erotic mode! ! ★ Charge result ⇒ Cannon who has been punished by a cute voice while being punished for a sensitive part and continually ascended! It is shameful and pleasant to stir up the dick with toys and fingers, and it is already getting out of sight seeing everything! Two chips in front of you also show off erotic with handjob while plucking out with blowjobs! Of course, the cock is firmly tied to the dripping dick of the belly juice! ! One with a mouth, the other pushing up from the bottom! This The joke part of the joining part in full appearance The body wrestling position which bounces the body violently up and down is the best to be able to fully enjoy the beautiful buttocks which became backwards and the waist was moved! The last finish with semen being caught by two people! Nasty Kanon who bumps a frustrated body with “two people want to have sex!” That eroticchu and Iki was the best!

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