277DCV-107 家まで送ってイイですか? case.107 現役アイドル(研究生)はオナニードランカー@肉棒大好きアイドル

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277DCV-107 家まで送ってイイですか? case.107 現役アイドル(研究生)はオナニードランカー@肉棒大好きアイドル

Cast: Yuma-san 25-year-old idol (research student)
Manufacturer: Documentary TV
Duration: 81 min
Product number: 277 DC-V-107
Delivery start date: 2018/08/03
Product Release Date: DVD not released yet
series: Is it good to send it home?
label: Documentary TV
Genre: Mouth shot Nampa facial planning Exclusive transmission dedicated amateur idle entertainers Ma high-definition (HD) Squirting
corresponding device: Windows / Mac, iPhone / Android

Product introduction
It is a plan to pretend to a certain program called “Do you want to go to the house because you pay taxi fee?” To a woman who missed the last train, to call and call her home. There is a human drama for that person’s home where there is not enough tidying up. Report Report ① Secure Yuma after the launch at Takadanobaba! (25 years old) ② Go to home around Otsuka station. Yuma was an idol research student. It seems that launch was also related to idle business. It seems that he is from Kagawa Prefecture Marugame. ③ Beautiful house with a little rent of 90,000 yen. I am making a living by a part-time job of idler business and secret part-time workers. As it turns out, the idle industry seems to be less profitable …. Many goods such as stuffed toys received from fans. ④ Farewell to boyfriend six months before becoming an idol. My hobbies are drinking sake with hula hoops. It is a brewery that sometimes it can sometimes leave alone. A kind gentle girl who is weakly pushed and immediately buys it by visiting sales etc. ⑤ Sheet girls who are [weak liquor × weak against pushing]. When it comes to licking it is usually overlooked. In the local, “He is a Jariman! Also written on the bulletin board. A gentle natural bitch. There is no sex exchanges with fans. I have patience in Tokyo as much as possible. ⑥ Sex ⇒ Drink sake by yourself alone, go to sex mode on your own. “I like to see men yoga” I’m a nice scuba. Immediate flyer extraction hospitality hospitality. When playing back with electric money, a big actor arrives there. I want to make you feel comfortable for AV actor as well. I want to make you a yoga. “Fan service spirit is vigorous. Idle Blow Job / Idol Big girl squirting with handjob from a ball licking attack. An obscene image of idol swinging inside with a huge cock …. And “It was the most pleasant experience ever! “Declaration received! It is quite intense as a line of active idol. ⑦ I have sex even idle. Something human! Mr. Yuma. A feeling of closeness came to idle! ! that’s all

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