300MIUM-318 即濡れドMの浴衣巨乳ギャル!!!花火大会帰りの浮かれた酒好き美人二人組!!!

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300MIUM-318 即濡れドMの浴衣巨乳ギャル!!!花火大会帰りの浮かれた酒好き美人二人組!!!

Cast: Yuzuki-chan 22 years old Miss Cabacula
Manufacturer: Prestige Premium (PRESTIGE PREMIUM)
Duration: 100 min
Product number: 300MIUM-318
Delivery start date: 2018/08/24
Product Release Date: DVD not released yet
series: Ladder liquor until morning
label: prestigepremium
Genre: Kimono · Yukata Big Breasts Nice Bottom Nanpa Plan Exclusive Delivery Dedicated Amateur Drunk Caba Miss · Fairy Lady High Definition (HD)
corresponding device: Windows / Mac, iPhone / Android

Product introduction
【Theme】 This project goes to a pub at the end of the last train and speaks to the girl who is still drinking and listens to girls’ troubles and human patterns, and at last the plan aims for taking home. ● Today ‘s drinking ⇒ Yuzuki – chan (22 years old), drinking friend ⇒ Saya (24 years old). ① Today is ladder liquor in the vicinity of the Ueno station in Japan’s largest drinking street! With accompanying handsome actor and accompanied by a first actor, even one girl hooking two girls will not be able to carry over to the second one … Early coming to the rehabilitation party in the next shop w 2) There are two pairs of beautiful girls wearing yukata on their side is not it! What? That’s why I am in the middle of an impeachment meeting, but I have a seat and it is a campaign! ! ③ Yuzuki-chan (22) and Saya-chan (24) are cow girls working in the same cabaret. It seems that it usually appears around Shinjuku Kabuki-cho, but apparently seems to be returning from a nearby fireworks display, it was like drinking around here. They said that at first they said “Lower neta is pulling quite a bit.” But as alcohol goes forward, the attitude changes completely! ④ “I can tell the compatibility of sex with a kiss ♪” “I went to the hotel with the virgin of a cantona, but ♪” “It has been stuck with the big cock of this mid-juggle ♪” Did you get drunk quite a bit What? What? The bottom neta that should be weak will pop out and it escalates more and more extremely When you listen to their stories, time is already past 5 am w.5 We send Saya ahead near the station where rain falls, Then I thought of Yuzuki … … what a cool guy and a good atmosphere ♪ As it is, two people go straight to the hotel in the nearby ♪ When I went into the room at once, I hesitated like a sweetheart while drinking canned chuhai W We wrestled her soft breasts from the yukata which we opened, and it seemed that we got wet wet with wet hands and cunni as well as dandruff growing thin bushes ♪ It seemed like I wanted you so much, with a blowjob in front of you Service w Of course, the vagina full of man juice is also Pakopako with a piston! “Ah! … Ah! …” Yuzuki who ascends milk and ascends while panting with a shrill voice every time it hits! While enjoying him and the beloved, forgotten to forget me! Last semen that you got hungry

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