390JNT-002 Mika In The Dark 22 years old a darkness fitness instructor



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Published on July 13, 2020 by

390JNT-002 Mika In The Dark 22 years old a darkness fitness instructor

Manufacturer: Jackson
Duration: 95min
Product number: 390JNT-002
Delivery start date: 2020/07/12
series: Lee ● The girl who did it.
label: Janet
Genre: Exclusive transmission dedicated amateur planning gal Big Squirting lotion oil Pies Facials
corresponding device: Windows/Mac, iPhone/Android

Product introduction
Lee ● A new era SNS pick-up plan to contact a bitch girl who uploads erotic photos on Instagram and manage to SEX somehow! ① I’m in Hiroo, Minato-ku! The girl we did this time in a fashionable town was Mika-chan (22 years old)! An instructor of the topic “darkness fitness”, the image given to I-Star is also popular in Erokawa! I only see sportswear on SNS, so my outfit is very fresh! It looks like a gal! As an instructor, I take charge of my class and teach about 40 students. ② There are many topics that you cannot talk about in the city, so let’s move to another place. Sefure always keeps about 10 people because he says “I can’t have a boyfriend because I’m a spearman”! It is said that there are times when I get caught up with the students in my class. It was a spooky life since I had my first experience at the age of 12 to 13 years old, so the number of experienced people exceeds 1000! There is no shortage of bitch episodes, such as having had orgy with more than 20 people. Erotic stories pop out one after another, and thanks to the small devil that unconsciously flutters around the crotch of the adjacent male staff, his cheeks are erected.

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