ABW-089 Super! See-through lewd school CLASS 11



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Published on May 6, 2021 by

ABW-089 Super! See-through lewd school CLASS 11

Cast: Yuduki Yuduki Duration: 170min Release date: 2021/05/14 Manufacture name: Prestige Product number: TKTABW-089 Genre: Big Breasts Multiple Play Actress Cosplay Squirting series: Super! See-through lewd school label: ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL

Prestige exclusive actress “Yuka Yuduki” transferred to a school with unique school rules! ?? You will be informed of the surprising school rules on the first day of transfer. School rules ① Schoolgirls must wear transparent uniforms! School rules (2) Female students must meet the demands of all men in the school with their bodies! When I had to change into the designated uniform, the men in the school were very excited about the big tits that could be seen on the other side of the transparent uniform! At one point, a big cock of life guidance was messed up and pistoned, and the floor of the classroom was covered with tide and hot-blooded hard sex! In response to the request of a member who is not motivated at one time, inject fighting spirit with anal licking & service blowjob! At the end, I hold my classmates alternately and have a big orgy with my teacher! Please enjoy the school activities where Yuduki Yuduki, a dirty transfer student, makes full use of big tits all over the school ♪ [Mail order limited product! It is a product with benefits of unreleased video recording DVD. The number is limited, so please purchase as soon as possible! !! ]

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