DLDSS-231 I would like to show you my wife



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DLDSS-231 I would like to show you my wife, who I took with all my heart. ~My wife, who is a company executive, won’t cheat on me even if I let her have sex with another man~ Hibari Hibari

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As a company executive, I was living a happy life with my kind wife, Hibari, but I couldn’t resist the desire that I had secretly kept in my heart, “I want someone to see me having sex with my wife,” so I decided to film it. He exposed the sex video on the internet without telling his wife. The response to the site was tremendous, and I received a variety of comments. When I confessed this to Hibari, she was reluctant at first, but gradually she started to comply with my requests as long as it would make me happy, and we started filming elaborate sex videos. Then we received a message from a certain man asking if we would like to have a threesome, and we were so excited that we decided to take that forbidden step. I’m an executive at a stable company. I never thought that my wife would be cuckolded…

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