DTT-077 Married Woman Who Was Targeted For Ass By Her Boss Closed



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Published on May 6, 2021 by

DTT-077 Married Woman Who Was Targeted For Ass By Her Boss Closed

Cast: Shiho Sayama Duration: 110min Release date: 2021/05/14 Manufacture name: KANBi Product number: DTT-077 Genre: Married Mature woman out in Netra is Nice Ass label: Daitetsu

I decided to work as a clerk at the same general apparel company as my husband to repay my home loan. Although he joined the company as a part-time worker, he was selected as a project team for “underwear for older women”. There, I met Odagiri, the general planning section manager who has a reputation as the ace of the company. One day, I was fascinated by the thick ass of Hashiho Odagiri, who had a meeting alone. Odagiri puts on his prototype underwear and relentlessly rubs his ass. Odagiri who got excited escalated steadily and fingered violently with his underwear shifted sideways. She cheeks her mouth full of hardened cock guided by Odagiri, and when she is pistoned on all fours, she can’t stand it and panting loudly. Do not refuse the pleasure from repeated Odagiri, and finally accept the forbidden vaginal cum shot sex. A closed-door office affair work of a married woman who works at the same company as her husband.

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