FSDSS-516 Ami Tokita



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Published on November 20, 2022 by

FSDSS-516 Ami Tokita Debut 1st Anniversary! A sudden attack on your house! Ad-lib SEX without scripts and directing! A special that grants M man’s naughty wishes! Ami Tokita

[Ami Tokita Debut 1st Anniversary Project! ] Tell Ami-chan what you want amateur M men to do and deliver it! Leave the rest to Ami! Struggling to take advantage of her one-year AV actress experience while being confused by her first amateur! Hospitality like Ami! Surprise waking up! First Sukumizu SEX! Blowjob while watching her own AV! Nipple torture The talent of torture that was hidden in slut sex blooms! Please look at Ami who has grown from one experienced person!

Starring actress
Ami Tokita

220 minutes

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Release date

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