FSDSS-641 I was reunited with my respected teacher



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Published on September 18, 2023 by

FSDSS-641 I was reunited with my respected teacher who encouraged me to go to university at a delivery health service, and I had no choice but to climax during the sexual intercourse. Natsu Igarashi

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“No, sensei…just for the actual performance…” Natsu works at a delivery health job where he earns a high salary to pay for his tuition. One day, she was delivered to a place where she met her teacher again. She managed to finish the delivery health play without getting caught. Even though she was rejected by the store, her teacher, who had given her a different name, pushed her down and said, “You don’t want your mother to know, either,” and forced him to penetrate her and make her climax. The teacher who was sucking on her former student’s body was no different from any old man full of sexual desire. She feels pleasure while drowning in the worst sex with such a person.

Natsu Igarashi

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