FSDSS-667 When I missed the last train and stayed



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FSDSS-667 When I missed the last train and stayed at a junior girl’s house… Chiharu Mitsuha couldn’t bear the unconscious provocation while wearing no bra and kept having sex until morning.

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I was drinking with Chiharu, a female junior, and we missed the last train! As I was thinking about what to do, Chiharu-chan asked me, “My senior is nearby, so would you like to have another drink?” Her first visit to her home! I decided to drink it again because I hadn’t had enough yet… I changed into my girlfriend’s loungewear and saw Haru-chan wearing no bra! See-through nipples! The stimulation is so intense that it’s hard for her to maintain her rationality… ah… I can’t do it anymore! Surrender to sexual desire and cross the line. Even though it was our first time having sex, we had great compatibility and she was so cute without makeup! I can’t contain my excitement, and before I know it, I’m making out with a junior girl until the morning, and I’m sure I’ll be late!

Chiharu Mitsuha

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