GDHH-177 I Was Assigned To A New School

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Published on December 3, 2019 by

GDHH-177 I Was Assigned To A New School, One Called The “Private Bubble Bath Academy” This Was A Specialized School Designed To Teach Girls In The Art Of Soapland Techniques! The S*****ts Were All Future Soapland Babes! And The Teacher Is The Legend Of The Soap Princess Herself! And As The Only Man In The Entire School, I Was…
Release Date 2019-11-30
Runtime 240 min
Director Gorilla Buta
Studio Golden Time
Label HHH Group
Actress Koko Nanahara ,Yuu Kiriyama ,Waka Misono ,Towa Aokaze ,Yukiho Shirase
Genre School Variety Creampie Threesome / Foursome Over 4 Hours Hi-Def Soapland Girl

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