PFES-005 90% 9 Minutes If You Get Drunk, A Woman Who Gets Fucked



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Published on March 3, 2021 by

PFES-005 You’re 99% Guaranteed To Get Laid If She’s Had Some Liquor – Nailing A Sloppy Slut Who Flashed You Her Panties Until Dawn – Tsukasa Aoi
Release Date 2021-03-03
Runtime 145 min
Director Inaball
Studio S1 NO.1 Style
Label Summer Panties Festival
Actress Tsukasa Aoi
Genre Featured Actress Kiss Kiss Squirting Minimal Mosaic Hi-Def

“Tsukasa”, who is usually a solid person but the guard becomes loose as soon as he drinks, meets with a man at a bar today. Even if you do not intend to do so at first, when alcohol comes around, you will be taken home as it is and it will be destroyed SEX. Good feelings and horny feelings mix and it is a bewitching fuck until the morning. A fucking woman is erotic.

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