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Cast: Megu 20-year-old swimming instructor
Manufacturer: Amateur TV
Duration: 59min
Product number: SIRO-4041
Distribution start date: 2019/12/24
series: [First shot] AV application on the net → AV experience shooting
Genre: Exclusive distribution exclusive amateur first shot Gonzo slender
corresponding device: Windows / Mac, iPhone / Android
Rating: 4.5 See 2 Reviews
Product introduction
The subject photographed for the first time today is a swimming instructor Megu 20 years old. She is a slender figure and a small face, a serious girl who has never played with a cute face. There is no encounter and there is no male experience, it seems like frustration as there is an electric massage machine at the bedside. When she crawls on all fours and appreciates her small ass, short denim …

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