Uncensored AOI-007 Yano Alisa



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Published on June 2, 2021 by

Uncensored AOI-007 Yano Alisa

AOI-007 Street Queen AV debut !!

Cast: Alisa Yano Duration: 135min Release date: 2021/05/07 Manufacture name: Prestige Product number: SHAAOI-007 Genre: 3P shaved amateur gal debut work label: TOKYO BLUE

The healing gal “Alisa Yano” who gathers the eyes of the city makes her AV debut! Arisa Yano, an apparel clerk who decided to make her AV debut longing for the entertainment world. In contrast to her flashy appearance, she says in a soft tone, “I’ve only had sex with people I like.” She looks a little nervous and exchanges a sticky kiss with the actor. As the clothes are stripped off one by one, the breath gradually becomes rough. Shaved pussy is stirred with a finger and begged for insertion while leaking love juice! Every time I’m hit by an actor’s extra-thick Ji-ko, I tighten it with a thick Mako! With your first rimming and 3P sex, you will lead the imadoki gal “Alisa Yano” to unprecedented pleasure! From the debut work ∞ A talented person who spree at the climax participates in the AV world! [Mail order limited products! This is a special product with 3 raw photos. The number is limited, so please purchase as soon as possible! !! ]

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