Uncensored HMN-538 S-class beauty’s electric shock comeback



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HMN-538 S-class beauty’s electric shock comeback

Performer: Riko Nagano
director: Mamezawa Mametaro
series: Honchu debut
Maker: Honchu
label: Honchu
Genre: Debut work Blowjob 3P/4P Beautiful girl Solo work Creampie Exclusive distribution High definition
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Debut AV 4P 3P Beautiful girl creampie Single debut work Creampie 3P Beautiful girl debut face cum Beautiful girl blowjob
Product number: hmn00538
A former S-class beauty makes a shocking comeback in the AV world! It’s been about a year and a half since I filmed, and my face was stiff and my heart was pounding from beginning to end… (sweat) I want to appear in AV again! With that in mind, she decided to cum inside me! When it comes to sex, it’s like an erotic switch is turned on, and I feel like I’m cumming secretly! She clearly showed that she loves sex that feels good! It’s been a long time since I filmed an AV, so there were some parts that were a little slow (lol), but… it’s great to see a girl with a cute face getting creampied! ! Thank you so much for coming back to the AV world. Since it’s Honchu, it’s all creamy inside! 3 performances! !

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