Uncensored PRED-528 AV debut Azusa Kakei



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PRED-528 AV debut Azusa Kakei

corresponding device: Computer, iPhone/iPad, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV device, Apple TV, TV, PS5™/PS4®Pro/PS4®
Distribution start date: 2023/11/17 10:00~
Product release date: 2023/11/21
Duration: 170 minutes
Performer: Azusa Kakei
director: Michiru Arashiyama
series: Former local station announcer AV debut
Maker: premium
label: elegance
Genre: Debut work Older sister Blowjob Kiss /Kiss Facial Cumshot Solo work Exclusive distribution 4K HD
Product number: pred00528
[Premium exclusive again] Former local station female announcer makes her AV debut! We have made many enthusiastic offers and interview negotiations through the manufacturer’s own route! “If I can make a lot of people happy…” she finally agreed to the AV! An exciting first photoshoot of a woman who has polite language, classy gestures, common sense and education! When I took it off, I saw amazing beautiful F-cup breasts and obscene areolas! And the female announcer’s pubic hair! The dual wielding of intelligence and Eros! Excitement increases in the lewd gap far from AV! She gives a polite blowjob, and even though she is shy, she is sensitive and squirts while cumming! Thank you for coming to the AV world!

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