Uncensored SONE-168 Nanaka Kosaka



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SONE-168 Nanaka Kosaka

Duration: 120 minutes
Performer: Nanaka Kosaka
director: Ichigohara
series: First big/convulsive/convulsive special
Maker: S-1 number one style
label: S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre: Nasty/Hard Squirting Acme/Orgasm 3P/4P Single Work Exclusive Distribution High Definition 4K
Product number: sone00168
Her face is small and young, and her body is tall and has an adult style. S-1’s exclusive ‘Nanako Kosaka’ releases her libido and awakens to an erotic orgasm. Immediately after she had been abstinent for a month, I started having sex with her and she said, “Gu… Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” Now she’s an animal. No, beast. Next, I applied aphrodisiac oil and my sensitivity skyrocketed…I climaxed every second. And when I forcefully attack her with her toy… she collapses. Furthermore, when he thrusts into her in a furious 3P fuck… she cums and collapses. Shichika-chan, what’s going down? It’s still a warm-up. From now on, the real thing begins.

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