259LUXU-1090 ラグジュTV 1074 上品な佇まいの奥様が旦那の許可を経て念願のAV出演。旦那以外のペニスの刺激に酔いしれ、頬を染めながら中イキ絶頂!!


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Published on April 25, 2019 by

259LUXU-1090 ラグジュTV 1074 上品な佇まいの奥様が旦那の許可を経て念願のAV出演。旦那以外のペニスの刺激に酔いしれ、頬を染めながら中イキ絶頂!!

Cast: Yurika Kudo 33-year-old former hotel receptionist group
Manufacturer: Rugju TV
Duration: 79 min
Product number: 259 LUXU-1090
Delivery start date: 2019/03/08
Product Release Date: DVD not released
series: Rugju TV
Genre: High-definition (HD) Exclusive amateur married woman Slender Nice Ass Breasts Facial
corresponding device: Windows / Mac, iPhone / Android
Rating: 3.8 (8 Reviews ) See reviews
Product introduction
Yurika who is elegant and elegant. The ring that shines in the left hand … seems to be apparently married. This time I was interested in AV appearances, and after consulting with my husband, I went there and it seems that I was pushed back and back. Yurika says she feels she is lacking in her usual sexual activities. Let’s feel so good that we can release frustration today. First of all, lightly kiss, relieve tension, and touch Yurika’s body. When you reach out to the bra and touch the nipple directly, it makes the body twist while saying “It feels good …” and responds sensitively. Shifting moist and moist panties, Nakada lightly fingers up the volume of voice more than before, Yurika who feels to move and twist the body. Even if it’s light Ehime alone, Oma who got wet in a simmering manner is inserted and tightened tightly, and it seems that Yurika himself also feels a little vibration by shaking his body. If I change the posture to the cowgirl, it is inserted deeply and it is being thrown in by us ○ po and I delighted with pleasure in the face and tasted the climax many times. Yurika who tasted the rich sex that is pushed up many times. The last seemed to be satisfied with giving up the sperm put on the face abundantly.

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