300MAAN-325 ■超ネガティブ思考な居酒屋店員みなみちゃんはガチ全身性感帯敏感体質&最強変態女子だった!



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300MAAN-325 ■超ネガティブ思考な居酒屋店員みなみちゃんはガチ全身性感帯敏感体質&最強変態女子だった!

Cast: Minami-chan 20-year-old university second grader
Manufacturer: Prestige Premium (PRESTIGE PREMIUM)
Duration: 71 min
Product number: 300 MAAN-325
Distribution start date: 2018/12/03
Product Release Date: DVD not released yet
series: Street corner shoot nangpa
label: prestigepremium
Genre: HD ( Exclusive distribution only ) Amateur Nanpa Squirting Slender Female college student
corresponding device: Windows / Mac, iPhone / Android

Product introduction
This project is a plan to photograph and record sex of real amateur girls with a napping of girls going to the streets. This time we start real Nanpa around “Sangenjaya Station”! 【Day 1】 While walking around Hafra Furafurayachi, they call some people, they will not sing and they will not fly. . . When I was giving up, I found a pretty dress shop clerk on the other side of the road! Confirm that the signal has changed, approach quickly and make a voice. “I am currently looking for an Izakaya to be alone, but …” “There is a room! We have a private room so we will guide you,” says a smiley response. Although I told the store to the store, I could not talk deeply and the achievement of Nanpa on this day was zero. Complete one person’s sake and finish the first day. 【Day 2】 Nanpa started around “Sangenjaya station” as well. I discovered it immediately The girl who showed me to the shop on the first day. I remembered that as soon as I heard a voice. Because of my acquaintance, the story from that was early, I promised to meet when I came to the end of the work and went back to the shop. 【2 hours passed】 Unsteady air flows between the Nampa masters waiting for her to come. To make a momentum and to ambush at the nearest station that she will use [a few ten minutes later] She came to a point before the Nampa masters waiting at the station. “I am sorry, I’m sorry, I do not think I’m waiting really …” and apologize. “Well, let’s go get drunk!” I invited him to say “I’m sorry I made it to you. 【Move to Izakaya】 <Minami-chan, 20 years old, 2nd year college student> Only news is seen at home, and familiarity with current affairs story. I keep a hamster and smell a smell every day. He did a lot of stories such as “I do not have fun alive” and “I do not understand myself” story. Among them, “It’s easy to feel, I got out of the hole called a hole soon and I never had sex with all my power …” Drewo said! It moved to the hotel because I want to mischief. Just by touching my ear, I am in agony. I just feel tickled and felt like fever. If you feel strange, you talk about “blowing through a hole called a hole” Because it is not a lie … and Minami is doing as a tranon at the SEX confirmation level, put an actor! ! I am too sensitive and in a state of bicubic. It blows the tide right away, and it gets caught just by being stared. Overall sensitivity band Ultra sensitive structure! ! It seems to be illegitimate. It is izzy to bully ♪ It is not possible to endure the intense piston even after inserting and inserting, it is squirting squirting, squirting a bit, a supplement of hydration w Drinking water is also jetted with a gang tide, and finally the sperm removes moisture! I’m just saying that I injected a lot! ! I had never seen such a human being, it was Minami Chan of Rude Riad M transformation woman

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