336KNB-041 全国人妻えろ図鑑 人妻全国募集⇒出張ハメ撮り⇒ネット公開 ゆうささん (27歳)

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336KNB-041 全国人妻えろ図鑑 人妻全国募集⇒出張ハメ撮り⇒ネット公開 ゆうささん (27歳)

336KNB-041 全国人妻えろ図鑑 人妻全国募集⇒出張ハメ撮り⇒ネット公開 ゆうささん (27歳) 1

Cast: 27 years old part work
Manufacturer: KANBi
Duration: 66 min
Product number: 336KNB-041
Delivery start date: 2019/02/21
series: Nationwide married woman Ero picture book
label: KANBi
Genre: Fucking Married Woman Gonzo Busty Gal Handjob Exclusive Delivery Only Amateur HD (HD)
corresponding device: Windows / Mac, iPhone / Android
Rating: 4.0 (1) See reviews
Product introduction
This work is a real documentary work that attracts lustrous sweet ladies. [Prolog] I came to Katsutadai Station in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture. Under the drizzle cold sky, it was a gal-style young wife who was in a meeting place to see even in the distance. Her name is “Yusa” (27 years old). Eros can be felt in the leg extending from the tight skirt. [Scene 1] There is no place to stay in the rain, so I can’t help but check in to the hotel early. Rusty hotel in front of the station like a country. [Scene 2] I am married for the second year now. The relationship with her husband is “normal”. It was a way to feel the meaning in the words, so I decided to dig into it, “I had a relationship with body every night until last year, but this year I entered a month and so on” … I thought that the appearance motive is sexless, “husband’s It is “to repay the debt associated with the woman.” It has been kept secret to her husband, but it is said that she came to the appearance thinking that she would use a woman to repay a woman-related debt. It is a very strong woman. [Scene 3] Beginning with a thick kiss, take off clothes and expose the chest with a difference in height. When it stimulates the nipple of sensitivity superbly with a finger with a finger, it leaks a pant voice unbearably. I hit the teat erected in Bing bin and feel the body twisting to the stimulus beyond the pain. Make a big buttted ass stick out, tore pantyhose and blame it. Obscene fluid that overflows from the vagina interior. If you insert Ji ● port, you push the waist by yourself and hold it down to the back of the vagina with the guigui to reveal the acme. When she is finished lying and lying in bed, she comes to blame for her nipples. It seems that the extension line rushes out. [Epilogue] Although it was to return the debt of the husband, it was a lewd gal wife who is faithful to one’s libido.

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