Mywife-No 00605 三上 千里 初會篇



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Mywife-No 00605 三上 千里 初會篇4Mywife-No 00605 三上 千里 初會篇

Age: 29 years
Occupation: housewife
married蒭: 3 years

[Family structure]
Husband: 40-year-old jewelry designer

[Height, three size]
T: 160 B: 82 (C70) W: 58 H: 84

In Search of the [Cast reason] pleasure …

Mikami, who met in Kobe will play a long time of the reunion received a contact to be coming to Tokyo in order to participate in the wedding of a friend six months ago! Since the last time was me around the city of Kobe decided to entertain her this time in Tokyo tourism …. And showed a bright smile like an angel in the tourist areas, it had been transformed into active women than ever before had a good time, it was a reason. Actually Toka’s affair with Mikami’s gym instructor ….

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