Sheena Rose – Fuck The Landlord



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Fuck The Landlord
Published on December 30, 2015 by

Sheena Rose – Fuck The Landlord
Sheena Rose – Fuck The Landlord

Sheena Rose is the worst house guest ever. I asked that she help with some chores for a party I was having while she stayed over – and she tried to roll a joint with the check I left for my landlord. Since our favorite stoner Sheena is a slut who can think on her toes as Moe arrived to collect – she offers her sweet little whore holes as payment – and that he could cum deep inside her pussy! I guess she’s not all that bad, I did save money – but then we had to clean off every interior surface. Rough, sloppy sex on the kitchen counter? Cream pie on the couch? Thanks, Sheena!


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